Soap Bars - Unscented

Our goat milk soaps are soothing and moisturizing for face & body. We make them with a custom blend of pure vegetable oils (no animal lard) and our own farm-fresh goat's milk: 100% milk, with no water added to dilute the milk's beneficial properties.

Our unscented soap contains neither essential oils nor manufactured fragrances. Great for those with extra-sensitive skin or scent intolerance.

Each bar is handmade. Appearance may vary from those pictured.
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$7.50 any size order
4.5 oz bars
$5.00 ea

Fragrance Free

Nothing but pure soap, with all of our select oils and no added color, fragrance or essential oil. Great for anyone with scent sensitivities and for very young children.

Olive Oil Infants

A true Castile soap, this contains only one oil: olive oil. Creamy rather than lathering, it is the hardest, most gentle and hypoallergenic we have. Our daughter used this on our newborn grandaughter for her first few months, until she graduated to Fragrance Free.

Jimmy photo courtesy of DeAnne Meyer Photography
Jimmy at the Farmers Market
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